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  Energy Efficient house to lockup (Inverloch)

Energy Efficient house to lockup (Inverloch)


  • Using a new material in Australia, clinkaBLOK
  • The Footing BLOK was able to be laid directly onto the natural Sand
  • Reo placed into the channel molded in the BLOK them a bed of Grout was poured into the Footing
  • The 1st BLOK was laid, a 150mm thick layer of clinkaFILL (Beads of Fired Clay), placed below the slab to insulate the floor, then the Slab was poured
  • The ground floor walls were placed using all of the clinka products such as the ISO BLOK (yellow insulation centre, Joint Reo, Joint Insulation, U BLOKs etc.
  • Once all of the ground floor walls and beams were in place we lifted in the precast clinkaPANEL suspended Floor
  • The 1st floor BLOK walls have been built, raking to the shape of the roof. We were able to lift all materials onto the precast Floor Panels by fork and crane to minimise manpower.
  • The Timber and Steel roof structure is completed and passed by the Inspector
  • Roof is measured and will be delivered early this week and lifted up onto the purlins

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